year : 2022
location : hong kong
category : commercial

In the modern and bustling society, work and life are closely connected to each other, the differences between the two are sometimes blurred. “otherwhere Studio” adopts a comprehensive design concept, where multiple functions such as photo studio, coffee classroom, cooking workshop and working office are combined into one.

The concept of “home” is demonstrated in the studio, the space is divided into different living spaces, including living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, create a cozy ambience and a leisure living experience for the users.

The open-plan scheme eliminated the limitations of normal space layout, narrowed the distance between people, users can communicate and interact within different zones under the same space.

The overall space is decorated with wood, stone steps, sandstone and natural elements, matched with a lodge design, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere under the eaves, users can enjoy this soothing working and leisure space.


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