year : 2024
location : hong kong
category : commercial

This is a local Hong Kong skincare brand that focuses on research and handcrafting. The store’s spatial design follows the skincare process, with products carefully categorized and displayed in areas dedicated to handmade soap cleansing, gel masks, toners, serums, and facial creams. In the physical store purchasing experience, we provide clear introductions to the benefits of each product, offer product samples for customers to try, and provide step-by-step guidance for personalized skincare routines. Additionally, we enable sales staff to smoothly share skincare knowledge with customers in each skincare area.

The spatial design pays meticulous attention to detail, combining ergonomic principles to plan the visual arrangement and display height of products, allowing for a natural interaction between customers and sales staff. Our space features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, with the strategic use of lighting to draw attention to the brand’s products.

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