year : 2023
location : hong kong
category : residential

A life of retreat in tranquillity and seclusion

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, this design creates a retreat for homeowners who have just retired. The interior is filled with antique furniture, each object bearing the mark of time and memory. This creates a space for peaceful living and health preservation, allowing people to experience the sentiments and culture of the past, as well as the charm of handmade craftsmanship. The traces of objects used in daily life and the time they have endured leave imprints on our lives.

The design accommodates the needs of the homeowners by incorporating movable screens and doors, making the living space more comfortable and spacious. The central island kitchen connects the cooking and dining areas, creating an open living style where we can not only cook, but also gather with family and friends, making it a social space.

The bathroom design takes into account the window view and natural materials, creating a sense of relaxation and release for both body and mind. The meditation room and bedroom incorporate elements of Eastern culture, creating a serene atmosphere for people to settle their thoughts and experience inner peace. This design is not only functional, but also provides emotional expression, allowing people to achieve a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

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