year : 2022
location : hong kong
category : residential

As life entering into the golden years, a retired couple begins to consider the rest of their lives. They always reminisce about those years living in Japan, enjoyed the experience of staying at a Ryokan.

Traditional Japanese style is used to design the space, the mudroom (Genkan) is featured with a shoe cabinet that made of wooden door frames, Japanese paper and plants, take off the shoes before stepping into the living room. Entering the living room, it is dominated by natural wooden elements such as wooden torii gates, wooden ceilings, wooden slatted walls and wooden floors, with the diatomaceous earth walls make the living room cool in summer and warm in winter. During the wet and rainy season, the diatomite wall can reduce humidity and noises. Sitting on the reeds-woven tatami mat, occupants can enjoy a soothing and comfortable time.

The bedroom is decorated with wood materials and Japanese paper, matches with brown diatomaceous earth. Tons of natural light introduced into the house through the wooden framed windows, the serene view of city sunrises and sunsets delight the inhabitants, provide them a temporal living experience.

The translucent sliding door, Shoji, separated the bedroom and the bathroom. The Ofuro, Japanese-style soaking bathtub, turn the bathroom into an enlightened escape, allows the occupants immerse themselves in taking a bath meanwhile appreciating the scenery outside the window anytime anywhere. Let the residents regain the enjoyment of the vacation, and start their second half leisurely life as if their sojourn in Japan.

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